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Clean and crisp white stone and quartz base.


Three gemstones carrying the energies of love.

Rose Quartz, Calcite Mangano and Opalite.  See the meanings on the photo.


This Zen Garden comes complete with a heart shaped chocolate, stone meaning cards (as seen in photo) and a personalised card to carry any message you wish to send.


You can select which colour stand you would like and also change the gravel colour if you wish.


The airplant connects you and the gemstones back to the Earth and nature, amplifying the positive Zen energy created from these little globes of love.


Please note, the airplants and gemstones are all unique, no singe plant or gem will look exactly the same (they are not mass produced, I only source authentic and genuine gems and crystals) so please allow for slight variants on this when you receive your Zen Garden.

Love Is In The Air

  • The air plant likes lots of day light, but not direct sunlight & it likes to be misted with water once a week. About once every couple of months you can submerge it in water for an hour or so, make sure it can fully dry out afterwards as if its base stays damp it will rot and die. Don’t ever ‘plant’ an air plant, they like the air!

    Air plants tend to look ‘dry’ in fact the sign of a really healthy air plant is when they get a white kind of coating on them, this makes them look even more dry, but it is a good sign.

    Some air plants will flower and some air plants get a red or pinky tinge on the ends. This is all normal.  If they start to go brown, then they aren’t happy and probs need a bit of water. They are however, very hardy and do not need much attention at all.

  • GIve your gem stones a little polish from time to time.

    If you can, co-incide the polish with a full moon and leave the stones on a windowsill overnight to soak up the full moon energy and charge the stones up, just like you would with your mobile phone!!

    Before you place them back in their globe, hold them in a fist and speak some wishes/intentions/affirmations (whichever you fancy)  This will set intentions for the stones energies and help you to achieve your manifestations.

    Or if you are not at all spiritual and purely enjoy your Zen Gardens for aesthetic reasons, then a simple stone polish from time to time will be perfect :)

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