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My name is Lora, I have had an obsession and love for gemstones, crystals and fossils from age 9. I have a ridiculous amount of them throughout my home because of this passion. 

Over the years I have found genuine comfort, energy, healing and magic from these wonderful gifts from the earth & I just cannot stop myself from being drawn to them whenever I see them.

By founding Loracle Gems and creating these Zen Gardens it enables me to pursue my love of gems.

You may think that bunging a plant and a few gems into a globe is all I do, essentially yes, but I get extremely caught up in the personalisation of these. I fiercely believe in energies and I am passionate about the power of crystals. I don’t just select stones based on aesthetics (although that does come in to it) I select them based on the energy requirements of the person the Zen Garden is being created for. 

It would bother me until the end of time if my final selections didn’t ‘feel’ right for the recipient.

I can’t really explain it much more than that, but just know that when I create you or one of your loved ones a Zen Garden, I do it with pure intent, energetic purpose & genuine love.  This makes them magical.


So there is a bit about my Zen Gardens, why I make them and why they bring me so much joy. It is an absolute blessing for me to share my love of gems with anyone else, so thank you to those who have indulged. You keep my passion alive!!  


For those that are interested in purchasing gems or crystals on their own, as you can imagine, I have a very large selection, so if you’re not interested in a Zen Garden, but perhaps just interested in a selection of gems put together for personal energies just for you. 

Drop me a message.


Thanks for having a read, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 


Love and blessings,

Lora x 

Loracle Gems
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